Technology, Engineered For Us

Spectus TeamWe are Spectus. Our mission is to provide a platform for the Black community to earn money by selling technology products.

According to consumer research firm Nielsen, African Americans outpace spending nationally with a buying power on par with many countries’ gross domestic products. As Black consumers spend more, they increasingly seek out brands that align with their lifestyles and values. Spectus is a black-owned, black-funded, black-led consumer technology company that provides a curated retail experience and an income opportunity to the Black community.

Spectus was founded and funded in 2019 by Odean and Natasha Maye along with Rahman Morgan, Chris Nance and Richard Robinson. The founding team had a wide range of experience including organizational leadership, software development, sales and marketing. Our first product, the Spectus Convoy smartwatch was launched in 2020 to a warm reception and immediate revenue. By mid 2020 we realized that a significant portion of our revenue was originating from recurring customers reselling our product. At that point we revamped our strategy to focus on the affiliate marketer model providing the opportunity for resellers to sell product to consumers directly from our retail site.

Today we have a rapidly growing consumer base with an average cart size of $250 and the top sellers in our affiliate marketing network average $1000 in monthly revenue. Our niche and strategy are unique and thus our growth is unprecedented for a self-funded, organically growing e-commerce startup. Join us as we democratize the $500Bn consumer technology industry for the benefit of our community.

Dean - Founder, Spectus Inc.