How fitness tracking smartwatches have changed the workout game.

How fitness tracking smartwatches have changed the workout game.

When it comes to being healthy, fitness is an important aspect that cannot be overemphasized. The true meaning of healthiness goes beyond just physical wellness and it includes your mental and emotional balance as well. Of course, achieving this total wellness is possible by keeping fit, and how best to maintain your path to perfect health than with a fitness tracker! Fitness trackers started off as applications on your device that help you keep a record of your fitness activities. They served as a form of accountability features with the metrics to ensure that you are sticking to the specified fitness plan and goals. However, with time and advancement in technology, fitness trackers have now been optimized to complete a whole lot more functions for your benefit. And above all else, they have been modernized into sophisticated tech devices and gadgets like fitness tracker watches. If you thought having an app that records your number of steps and sends you reminders to drink water daily was cool, wait until you see just how much a smartwatch with a fitness tracker app can change your fitness game!

What is a fitness tracker smartwatch?

In the late 2010s, we were introduced to a new wave of technology in the form of wristwatches that had more function than just telling the time. These watches were developed with operating systems like Android and IOS that allowed them to function like smartphones, except that they were smaller and more portable. Simply put, a fitness tracker is a device that is optimized with sensors that collect data and analyze them into categories such as steps, calories, sleep quality, and daily activities. A type of this sensor is the 'altimeter' that can track the flights of stairs you climb using your altitude measurements. A fitness tracker can also be enabled with features like reminders for stretching, drinking water, and taking a walk or going for a run. Smartwatches were primarily developed to assist the advancement in medical technology by keeping records of the wearer’s heart rate, due to their strategic positioning on the wrist, and send out emergency calls in case of irregular readings. However, like most smart devices, they couldn’t be limited in terms of features and over the years they have developed to perform more sophisticated functions, especially with smartwatch fitness tracker apps. These features include;
Heart Rate Monitoring Fitness tracking apps come with a pulse monitor that takes your pulse reading and analyzes your heart rate as it relates to the specifications included in the setup of the device. Based on your physical health, your fitness tracking device can be preset to send an alarm to your medical practitioner if it reads a certain heart rate or detects an irregular pulse rhythm. By monitoring your heart rate, the fitness tracker can also depict the intensity of your exercise or fitness activity and that way it can give you a progress report based on the goals you indicated for your fitness plan. 

Step counting

Similar to the pulse reading, the fitness trackers have sensors that can detect when your body is in a walking motion, thereby allowing it to count your steps. Seeing as cardio activities are a huge part of fitness, achieving your step goals is important, and the fitness tracking device helps you to be accountable and keep track of the number of steps you have completed or you need to complete.

Running distance

With the help of the acceleration sensors, fitness trackers can detect when walking motions are hastened into a jog or run, and with that they record the distance covered. There are also options to manually set the activity so that your fitness goals are well accounted for on the tracking app.

Calorie counting

Based on your physical activities, as recorded by the fitness tracking sensors and software, the device goes on to analyze the number of calories you are expected to have exhausted. It also takes the intensity of your activities (using the heart rate) into account to give you a close estimate of the number of calories you have burnt during the activity. Fitness tracker devices can as well be fitted with meal planning apps that help you keep a record of your consumed calories in contrast to the number of calories you should have burnt. That way, you know if you are sticking to the fitness plan to achieve the goals or you need to amplify your efforts.

Thor 6

Fitness tracking smartwatches as game changers

Due to the complex nature of most fitness plans, it can be hard for individuals to keep track according to the exact requirements of each aspect of their plans such as the benchmark of steps to take, distance to run, and other similar things. While an accountability partner or fitness trainer may be a considered alternative, having to sync schedules can be limiting for a lot of people who are just getting started on their fitness journey. But fitness tracking with smartwatches solves all these problems with one device. Many people around the world have quickly adapted to wearing smartwatches because of the benefits that they provide.

Keep track of health and progress

Above everything else, a fitness tracking smartwatch helps you to measure and analyze the activities necessary to achieve your fitness goals according to plan. You don’t have to worry about being accountable and you can also review your progress to see how your resilience builds up over time. The Thor 6 Sports smartwatch has a Heart Rate Monitor that can help to identify cardiac-related ailments early with accurate heart rate monitoring and a Step Counter to measure your daily exercise and burned calories with the step counter. The Thor 6 supports nine mainstream exercise modes, which accurately track your sports activities according to your goals.

Tips and Suggestions

The Thor 6 has multiple professional sensors that record physical data in full and perform scientific analysis on them to enhance your exercise capacity. With these sensors, you can incorporate helpful suggestions into your fitness routine. Some of the apps that come with a fitness tracking smartwatch like the Thor 6 include Social Media and streaming platforms to keep you entertained while you exercise or connect to an online fitness trainer for suggestions. You can also install a fitness application that can sync with your smartwatch for professional tips and suggestions. In conclusion, fitness tracking smartwatches help you to achieve goals based on the realistic milestones you have included in your fitness plan. You don't have to encroach on your busy schedule, spend more money to hire a fitness trainer/accountability partner or do anything outside your comfort. All you need is strapped to your wrist! You can learn more about the Thor 6 smartwatch with millions of fitness and other applications here. Don't forget that health is wealth –and a fitness tracking smartwatch can be the game-changing key to your wellness!


By Ayorinde Okikijesu Elizabeth for